Anti-Bullying Programs

We provide individual counseling services and turn-key anti-bullying programs for schools, students, parents and therapists to create a community of empathetic and attuned advocates.

Teaching our kids to not be the target of bullying

We are a non-profit 501c(3) organization dedicated to teaching empathy, through education and empowerment. We activate the adult community to support our children, which helps them feel safer at home and on-line. We believe that bullying is a cultural phenomenon, and adults are responsible for changing this culture. By joining staff, administration, parents and community together, children sense that if they are bullied, a concerned adult is nearby. Adults become aware of how to help those that can’t help themselves.

We teach self-empowerment by modeling. Not-the-Target teaches parents and educators to recognize and respond to peer and social aggression. Frequent targets of bullying exhibit consistent red flags that should activate a concerned and caring response.

The turn-key program provides follow-up to help reinforce community gains, as well as policy considerations to make sure your school is doing all it can to stop bullying. Parents are taught the fundamentals of empathy. It is a teachable skill, so with training, your children can be compassionate, yet assertive. Our anti-bullying programs continue into the classroom.

Our trained staff teaches students to check their thoughts and their feelings then to use the “Steps to Stop” – a deceptively simple solution to help stop bullying. The Steps to Stop work best in grades 1-7. For grades 7+, students should be engaged in the process to help create and foster a safer school environment. We provide consultation and feedback on your programs. All programs are subsidized by community donations and school commitment and recognize how tight your budget may be.


Parent Trainings – 1.5 hour interactive presentation reviewing ways to help our kids In-school Programs –  Teaches students and educators the steps to:

  • Recognize and respond to peer-aggression (bullying)
  • Stand up for themselves (assertiveness)
  • Know when to ask for help – before a situation gets out of hand

Counseling Services – (cost based on families income) teaches children and caregivers the steps in a safe and supportive environment. Therapist Training – Know how to help your clients.

What our Children Face

For some children, the scariest thing they will do all day is go to school. Each day, over 160,000 students miss school because they are afraid to tell their caregivers, “I’m the target of bully, and I don’t know what to do.” Educators and parents must unite and teach them the skills necessary to know when to stand up for themselves, and when to ask for help. Although there are severe cases of bullying, most situations can be remedied by gentle but persistent adult intervention.

Bullying Research

Research shows that adult care-givers witness bullying only 4% of the time. That means that we’re missing 96% of confusing, saddening, angering (and sometimes) downright terrifying events in our children’s lives. This is a totally unacceptable response rate. Do something. Now.

“We seek to empower our charges to be assertive while caring for the rights of others.”Jon B. Pease, Founder & Executive Director
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