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The Bully Wall

What can you and your school do to lessen the impact of bullying?

That’s a good question!There is a lot you can do! Check out our blog and ask questions and have them answered by experts!Be No Bull (

The most important thing you can do is decide for yourself how you feel about bullying. Once you believe that it is wrong, you can take action! And no, we don’t mean beat up the bully! We mean be assertive and stand up for yourself and your classmates.

Being assertive simply means that we stand up for what we believe, while still respecting the rights of others.

Ideas to get you started at your school

– Motivate your friends to watch for bullying
– Create ambassadors from each clique/group
– Ambassadors create solutions for disagreeing parties
– Ambassadors report (NOT TATTLE) bullying to teachers
– Create a NO BULLY ZONE at your school, with a teachers help
– Make signs to post all over the school with NO BULLYING messages
– Talk to your friends if you think they might be bullies
– Create a “buddy” system – you don’t have to be best friends with everyone, but everyone should be safe.
– Create an anonymous “bullying box” so bystanders can report

What other students said:

“I thought I was going to be bored. The speaker was funny and I learned a lot. I liked how he told us about what happened when he was a child.”
Student, Orange County