To understand what the target of a bully feels is to know that he or she does not feel ‘ok’ when standing up for themselves. And yet, most anti-bullying programs teach kids to “stand up” for themselves. This is crazy!

Our interactive presentations teach simple skills, based on sound clinical research, known to stop bullying in its tracks.

These are what we call the ‘Anti-Bully Steps’.

The steps include skills like standing up straight and making eye contact. Seems simple, right? Not when you’re scared.

We teach students to walk away and then and feel whatever it is they feel – Just don’t let the bully see!  This approach is a novel way of working with targets – and it has proven effective in many schools.

We also motivate students who are not involved (usually 90 to 95% of the student population) to become more involved. We do this through empathy training, emotion recognition and active role-plays.

We also offer skills building in a group setting for aggressors (bullies) – to help them build empathy.

Not-the-Target teaches the necessary skills students, faculty and parents need to create effective, school-wide anti-bullying campaigns.

PROGRAM FORMAT – Costs based on size of school

  1. Teachers Anti-Bullying Presentation (1.5 hours)
  2. Students Anti-Bullying Presentation (up to 1 hour each)
  3. Parents Anti-Bullying Presentation (and community!) (1.5 hours)
  4. Press Release for Local Newspaper
  5. Anti-Bullying Policy Considerations Manual
  6. Flyer for Driving Parents to Assembly
  7. Parents Guide (in development)

Additional Services

  1. Class by Class discussions
  2. “The Ladder”, Therapeutic groups led by therapists* to help bullies find empathy
  3. Ambassador Program
  4. Task Force Facilitation

*Facilitated by MFT Interns or Licensed Therapists