Jon Pease is an extraordinary professional.  He is not only a high caliber therapist in his own right, but also an engaging and competent seminar presenter.  The parents at my daughter’s elementary school gained important practical tips about how they might help prevent and/or grapple with bullying of their child.   I would highly recommend Mr. Pease to any educational institution which requires a thorough response to the dilemma of bullying.  Amy Berger, Chairperson, Assemblies Committee, Madison Elementary School, Lakewood, CA


I just wanted to update you on some success that I have had with a long-term client using your bulling tactics.  A few weeks ago he told school personnel that he wanted to kill himself after being teased.  We practiced your role plays and he came up with some great lines.  (“Your accent is funny.”  “Ya, my comedy show is at 5.”)  He said that he has employed theses with great success which has left the kids dumbfounded and walking away.  So, thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. Jessica F., Counselor, Los Angeles, CA


“Everything was great.  The counselors enjoyed it and I got several compliments.  Thank you!” Rosie Roberts, Counselor – St. Bernard’s High School


“Thank you again for participating as a speaker for our 23rd Annual Dr. Richard N. Boylan Memorial Lecture, “Understanding and Preventing Bullying & Cyber Bullying”.  Your knowledge on the subject of bullying is exceptional and provided much value to those in attendance. I’ve received many positive comments about your part of the program and hoep you enjoyed your time with us as much as we enjoyed having you.” David Lews, Executive Director, Riverside Medical Clinic Foundation


“This conference helped me to see that there are different kinds of bullying. I used to see another person being bullied and walk away. Now I understand that I have to do something to stop it or at least call for help if there isn’t anything I can do. I feel that we can all do something to stop bullying. I developed a consciousness of the matter that I did not have before. I liked the steps to stop bullying and the techniques to prepare the body and the mind to appear confident.”   Parent, Orange, CA


“I attended your lunch workshop on bullying at the CAMFT Annual Conference a couple of weeks ago.  I just wanted to write and say thank you for a wonderful presentation.  Yours was one of the most memorable workshops that I attended.  Thank you for providing such great, educational information on such an important topic.”   Cristina Roberts, Therapist 


“The effects of bullying, for both the target and the aggressor, can be profound and lifelong.  As a child I had no idea how to cope with bullying.  Nothing magically changed by the time I became an adult, a mother, a clinical psychology student or a counseling intern at two elementary schools.  The school staff clearly didn’t have any more knowledge than I did. Jon Pease has that knowledge. This knowledge has the power to change the trajectory of your child’s life.”  Michelle Kobayashi, Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern, Palos Verdes, CA

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