District Wide Teacher Trainings

We provide in-depth review of the bullying dilemma, including the most current research to help staff and administration understand what they are facing. Fees are based on a per attendee cost.

We offer a full day seminar and half-day follow-up forum to assist schools, students and parents unite to create safer learning environments, both on and off campus. Our program can be targeted to work in both religiously based schools and traditional schools.

1.5 Day Symposium

Day 1 of the symposium includes lecture with video, open-discussions, and role-play scenarios. It provides attendees with concrete tools to identify targets and aggressors, and then how to confront the cycle.  We review current research, which creates an understanding environment for both aggressor and target, all through the lens of our spiritual beliefs.

Day 2 is a half-day, town hall style meeting (meets 4-6 weeks after Day 1), which provides an open dialogue for participants to share best practices, ask questions and fine-tune their anti-bullying programs.