Video Learning

 Video Learning!

Over the coming months, Not-the-Target will begin posting ant-bullying learning videos that can be purchased for a very low cost.

The videos allow you and your children the opportunity to learn techniques required to assertive in the face of peer-aggression.

Your kids will be able to play/replay the videos again and again for up to thirty days, in the safety of their homes, where the brain is primed for learning.

Topics include

  • The Anti-Bullying Steps
  • Rumors
  • Exclusion
  • Aggression/Intimidation
  • Teasing/Taunting
  • Cyber
  • Who to go to for help (free)
  • How to start an anti-bullying campaign at your school
Feel free to send suggestions for additional topics.
If your school hired Not-the-Target to install a bullying program, all students/parents are provided free access to the content for 30 days.
We estimate the first videos will be posted in August 2012!